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About Me

I'm an UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer based in Bengaluru, India.

I've been working in the web industry for the past 6 years. Started off with personal projects and later moved into client work.

I make sure my designs meet industry standards and design in a mobile-first aproach.

I love flat and minimalistic designs and I keep all of my projects simple.

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Web Design

Designing for the web is not a job it's a lifestyle. As technology changes so does the challenge.

UX Design

An extension of my love for design and problem solving, UX allows me to dictate the skeleton.


I love bringing my designs to life in HTML, CSS & Javascript, also acting like a mad scientist.

UI Design

I design user friendly, intuitive interfaces allowing users to focus on the task and not the tool.

Design Process

My Design Process

Research is done in order to know the client’s business better and understand what they really need. All the parties are aligned with the objectives of the project.

Ideas and details are chalked out on how the project will proceed. It includes ploting content and marketing strategies in order to achieve the client’s goals.

Ideas are brought into reality and Quality Assurance Testing is performed to verify that the site correctly functions and is aligned with the design specifications.

The product is delivered to the client and post implementation support is offered (if needed). The project is now considered complete as the clients requirements are met.


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